Due to its popularity as one of the best card game ever to be played by gentlemen, many people tend to play it. In fact with the online baccarat super98 versions, one can enjoy this card game from whatever place at whatever time. Be it midnight, morning or lunch hours. So what are the Benefits you gain when playing progressive baccarat live at midnight?

In this game, the player aims at getting a sum total from the cards face values that are as close to nine as possible. This is from the pair of cards that both the player and the banker would be dealt with.

Benefits you gain when playing progressive baccarat live at midnight

On this bet, gamblers can place a bet on either their own hand or that of the banker. Predicting that either of them will land cards much closer to nine than the other. It is also possible that whatever value the player gets after summing his values, the dealer also gets. This results to a tie and there is a betting option for it too.

While the dealer or player’s bet earns twice the initial bet value, the tie option on the other hand has a winning ratio of 8 is to 1, hence fetching a payout that is eight times greater.

Benefits you gain when playing progressive baccarat live at midnight
Benefits you gain when playing progressive baccarat live at midnight

Progressive Baccarat

There is a jackpot that is normally shown at the uppermost part of every screen of trusted live casino sites. This displays the amount that is in the progressive jackpot, ready to be won. Should more than one player place a side bet at the same table at which you are playing, once the jackpot is triggered, it is divided among all the players. However, it is not divided equally among you but according to the value of your stake for that specific round.

In the case that four players have placed equal stakes in a specific round. Then the game proceeds and both the players and the dealer end up with an ace card and any other card with a face value of 8. Then each is entitled to a quarter of the entire jackpot.

From this you should note that a jackpot would only be triggered whenever the all the players and the dealer are dealt with aces and eights. This pair should however be in the same suit for the win to result into the progressive jackpot win. Also the jackpot is won from side bets mostly and not necessarily from the base bet.

Way to get progressive jackpot

It is only using an additional side bet that would enable a player to get to the progressive jackpot level. This side bet is set at a table and the chip-hole then would be having a red flash light. The light changes from the original red to a green colored flash light.

The size of the jackpot also depends on the kind of wagers placed. Whenever players keep registering low stakes, then this proportionally affects the size of the resulting jackpot. This is mainly because, for a progressive jackpot, it is only a certain percentage of the base bet that is trickled into the progressive jackpot. Hence the garbage in garbage out slogan applies here.

There are also limits that are used whenever a baccarat game is on. Depending on the limit you are using, you may land at a different table from your friend. This is due to the fact that the tables are normally categorized using bet size limit and these can be between $0.01 and $500.

Gambling at midnight

Baccarat being a game of chance like many other gambling games, the time at which one plays does not really matter. The income you make is determined only by your bet size and the predetermined payouts. This is the same across twenty four hours. With that in mind if you want to play baccarat online real money just go to a trusted site where they offer great bonuses.

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