Cai Shen is a slot game played both online and in live based casinos. It has a beautiful background theme that is not only eye catching but also excites the player. Therefore if you are a player who is keen on ornamental backgrounds plus Chinese themed sound effects this is the ideal game for you. It is also one of the best e-games for mobile nowadays that have high RTP. If you want to Improve your chance in winning Cai Shen 888 progressive jackpot then this is the right topic for you.

The symbols used to adorn the game items are in accordance to the Chinese culture and are traditionally known to invoke good tidings and bring forth wealth. After all this game itself is named after the Chinese god believed to be responsible for giving people wealth.

Improve your chance in winning Cai Shen 888 progressive jackpot

Made up of five reels and twenty eight paylines this game uses symbols. That appear on the reels three at a time depending on the triggers invoked by the player.

Cai Shen is a game developed by the Habanero Company. However, few people know about it and hence it has lower ratings compared to other slot games available from the same developers. The fact that many people know less about it means that not many even know how to play it nor do they make good wins on it whenever they play. There is therefore great need to enlighten gamblers so that they do not miss on this great opportunity to make good profits.

Improve your chance in winning Cai Shen 888 progressive jackpot
Improve your chance in winning Cai Shen 888 progressive jackpot

Winning on Cai Shen 888 bets

As seen above there is need not just to bring this game to light as it is more limited to the Asian world but to also help bettors make bets and win big cash payouts from this game. The first step a player should take is to know and understand the symbols present in the game.

There are several slot game symbols used in this game and the most important of all is the gold symbol known as the Cai Shen symbol. This is a wild symbol that appears on the first, third or fifth reels. It spreads itself on the reel and brings with it good fortune. The symbol causes a tripling on the initial value of the stake placed. Therefore whenever you see a combination of these symbols, be sure of a large payout.

Like other slot games, this game does not miss out on giving the players a chance at the progressive jackpot. Be sure that a game with a progressive slot feature will be much more interesting than one without.

Progressive slot

The idea behind a progressive jackpot as suggested by the name is that for every game played, with every spins made, the player moves closer to their chance of hitting the big earning in e-games. By placing bigger bets, you increase your probability of landing at this jackpot.

As a result of this we see that it is mandatory to first understand the bets offered and the odds accompanying them. In so doing you know what is the maximum and which the minimum bet that you can place is. Different casinos have different rates. And different bets have different odds. For example when the least bet is worth $5 in one casino, it may be worth $1 in another.

All these, bets and odds, combine to determine the probable payout from a placed stake. Appreciating this piece of information always brings you closer to the jackpot, as you are able to plan and play with the progressive jackpot at heart and in mind.

As much as in some games the progressive jackpot is triggered by odds that are different and separate from the initial bet, in Cai Shen 888, it uses the same odds as the bet that triggered the jackpot.

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