People often think that you cannot win or you have a slim chance on winning betting especially in sports. The fact that sports betting is like any other forms of gambling that you can win have a probability, having to know Ways to bet on eSports and win big is really helpful. Well it’s not limited only to sports. But the evolution of technology games being played in multiplayer mode are also included in betting which include as eSports. While you enjoy the game and while you enjoy easy free bet on a player or team whom you feel like to win. It’s like bring your part of the winning team since you support them while placing high hopes in them while betting as well as you earn.

Ways to bet on eSports and win big

From FPS shooting game like Counter-strike to RTS (Real Time Strategy games) like the Defense of the Ancients 2 or the League of Legends. The wage on bets has truly evolve from mere real sports to the virtual sports or electronic sports (esports). Every last of the bullets fired. Every accurate headshot pave away. Every AoE (Area of Effect) skill attack cast. It is adrenaline pumping of out this scene on this kind of sports. That sums up and calculates the odds of winning and excitement on esports. Truly gaming transcends at a jaw dropping rate. Players or team battling a virtual arena showcasing the skills and kills of each. Like the old saying says “There are many ways to skin a cat.” There lot ways as well to win at esports. Just like the real sports. Here are those.

Ways to bet on eSports and win big
Ways to bet on eSports and win big

Ways on Winning on betting Esports

Line Shopping and Steam Chasing

Line Shopping a easy way to again advantage. This kind of method involves looking for sharp reliable lines (from a trusted and well respected liquid books) and searching other sites that are quite slow in updating their lines. This can occur a lot in the last hour before the game time. One book may jot down a list odds of the team at -3 and after all a sudden line starts to fall, initially at 2.5 then it follows all way down to 2 and lastly to 1.5. But while the line is at 2.5 at one book. another may have -3.  This would provide great chance to take the underdog and “chase the steam.” A player can get the best lines on that way by wage a bet on the team that player wants. Rare occasion, a player could even find way to bet both sides of an event and guaranteed a scenario where player cannot lose, which other terms of it as arbitrage.

Live Betting

Some or Most of eSportbooks offer online betting apps while the game in on. These wages are showcasing exactly same format as the of the whole match wagers. The point expands which are shown on a prediction on what the final score will it be, not just from the remainder of the time. Well if the player laid one a half points and his team way up ahead by five points at the time, all he would be necessary for the team who win the entire game match is by two points or more to win the bet. Live bettors are surely to make get bets quickly. Lines can change and wages can be taken off on the board without being noticed.

Bet with your head, not your heart

Well this kind of heart. In some scenario where in “do what your heart tells you” but in betting eSport its different, since a lot of people might can’t just do it. On many events. People makes bets due to their intuition that their heart felt is the winning team. But let’s face it, in order to win online betting dota, we should know facts first, the stats their kill scores as well as their history would be factor of winning but odds are also there. In some cases, getting a 30-1 odds when the true odds 100-1 of probability but that’s another matter.

The key is to have a good reasoning on why waging a bet on eSports.

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